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Why is it essential to have an updated real estate website?

It is essential to maintain an updated real estate website to be able to attract clients and convey professionalism. If the website is outdated, it can create a bad impression on potential clients and negatively affect the agency's reputation. Therefore, it is important that the website generates trust and transmits professionalism, clearly explaining who you are, what you do and how you do it, facilitating contact and demonstrating that the content is careful and up to date. In addition, search engine algorithms place those websites that are frequently maintained and incorporate content on a regular basis in better positions. Therefore, if you want to be one of the first results when someone searches for real estate in your city and thus get more traffic to your website, you will have a much better chance if it is updated.

We leave you some tips to keep a real estate website up to date:

Check that all links work.

  • Eliminate expired promotions or campaigns.

  • Include only your own photos of good resolution.

  • Unpublish properties sold long ago (set a time limit).

  • Check that the use of logos and colors is consistent.

  • Ensure that the design is careful and consistent with your brand image.

  • Summarize paragraphs that are too long.

In addition, it is important to add new content frequently and review some aspects that will prevent your website from being outdated.


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