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We have very effective and guaranteed protocols in contract renewal processes.

If you need it, we can carry out commercial premises projects from the design phase to the execution of works.

Our extensive client portfolio allows us to know in advance who the buyers of each product are, as well as the main variables that influence their decision-making process.



Propietaria de tienda

Local. In search of maximum profitability


Do you have a store and don't know what to do to get a better return? 

This is our specialty. You have a team made up of specialists in the commercial premises market with extensive knowledge and experience.

After a needs analysis, you will have the design of your expansion plan that will be carried out until the negotiation and closing phase of each location.

You will have market studies of supply and demand to strengthen decision making. Independence, rigor, depth and extensive technical knowledge govern all our valuations and appraisals. 

We have very effective and guaranteed protocols in contract renewal processes.

Our extensive client portfolio allows us to know in advance who the buyers of each product are, as well as the main variables that influence their decision-making process. We know all the formulas: we can sell your premises even if it is rented. And sell it and you stay as a tenant. Be that as it may, you can count on our expert support in a discreet and effective way.

With us you will have:

  • Free professional appraisal.

  • Wide portfolio of commercial brands.

  • Large portfolio of active investors.

  • Promotion in the main marketing channels.

  • Quality advertising broadcast.

  • Advice from the beginning to the end of the process.

  • pr negotiationprofessionalized that ensures a satisfactory contract.

Residential. Make the investment of your life with complete peace of mind

We work hand in hand with developers, owners and investment funds in the different phases of the life cycle of a residential product, apartment or home, from the preparation of land feasibility plans for its development to the sale of homes, both for individuals as portfolios to investment funds.

 Whatever your need, leave all the preparation in the hands of our specialized team:

  • Free professional appraisal.

  • Production of advertising graphic material.

  • Processing of the necessary documentation so that you do not have to deal with anything.

  • Locating the ideal buyer or tenant thanks to our global network of contacts.

  • Management of the agenda of visits and administrative and notarial procedures.

  • In promotions, we coordinate the different agents involved in the project, optimizing costs and deadlines.

Las compras en línea
Hombre de oficina

Offices and ships. The location of your business is part of your success

To serve one of the sectors that have evolved the most in recent years, we created our Department of Offices and Industrial Warehouses. Being competitive when it comes to offering strategic locations and having the ability to negotiate allows us to offer you what your business needs:

  • In the office market:

    • We have a large portfolio of offices with the best locations, both in modern corporate buildings and in royal estates.

    • We are the company that has the most offices in the market at street level.

    • We study the market to find the best solution for each client, advising and accompanying from the beginning to the end of the operation.

  • In the industrial market:

    • We have the best professionals in the industrial field.

    • We have specialized in purchase, sale and rental operations.

    • We offer you the best conditions in the real estate sector.



Discretion and seriousness in advice and marketing

For an investor who seeks to maximize the income from his properties and the final profitability, we are here to help you make the most advantageous real estate decisions with the discretion and confidentiality that characterizes us. This is the only way we can assure you of the rigor and professionalism that your real estate project deserves.

Everything you need, when you need it and in the way you need it: this is integrated management as it makes us different

reunión de negocios


edificio de apartamentos

Preserving your heritage is the best way to manage it

In Fincas Siglo XXI it also has a department specialized in Asset Management. The objective of this department is to help you reach your financial expectations, without you having to take care of anything and that your property is on the market for the shortest time possible. We have the services and resources to achieve it.

We take care of:

  • Search and selection of potential tenants.

  • Tax and legal advice to the owner.

  • Preparation of the rental contract.

  • Application of all agreed contractual variations and application of grace periods, if any.

  • Preparation of annexes and renewal contracts.

  • Management of deposit bonds with Incasol.

  • Processing of the habitability certificate and energy certificate.

  • Attention tenants on behalf of the owner. Billing of monthly rents to tenants.

  • Incident management in rental payment.

  • Eviction management with specialized lawyers.

  • Resignation of the contract and delivery of keys, change of name of supplies, incidents and repairs.

  • Network of industrialists with alternative budgets for incidents and repairs.

  • Processing of incidents with the insurers of neighbors or the community of owners.

  • Preparation of quarterly and annual economic summaries of each property



Our Legal Department provides legal advisory services to both companies and individuals, offering the maximum guarantees with due diligence, in any applicable field.

Sale of real estate

As expert lawyers in real estate law, we advise you legally and manage all the necessary legal and administrative procedures in purchase and sale operations of all types of properties, ensuring the success of the operation with the greatest legal certainty.

  • Advice and representation in real estate purchase and sale operations.

  • Analysis of ownership, cadastral status and status of property registration charges and encumbrances.

  • Analysis of the technical state of real estate through an architectural report.

  • Management of energy certificates and occupancy certificates.

  • Negotiation and preparation of deposit contracts.

  • Preparation and review of sales contracts.

  • Preparation of all kinds of legal documents for real estate operations: deeds, negotiation of guarantees, loan agreements...

  • Coordination and preparation of the necessary documentation for the granting of the public deed of sale of real estate, with and without mortgage guarantee.

  • tax planning of real estate investment and taxation of the real estate sector.

Comprando una casa
Contrato de pareja de ancianos

Property leasing

When renting a home or premises, make sure you do so with the maximum legal guarantees. We advise you preventively to ensure that all the casuistry of the operation are taken into account.

  • advise meent for real estate rental operations: homes, premises, rooms or coworkings, rustic properties, etc.

  • Preparation, review and analysis of rental contracts and the requirements for their formalization.

  • Obtaining, renewing or transferring de activity licenses.

  • Management of habitability certificates and energy certificates.

Conflicts related to real estate law


As procedural lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law, we will advise and represent you in any conflict related to your real estate, always protecting your interests. Some of our services in this area are:

  • Advice and legal representation in the resolution of conflicts related to the acquisition, possession, enjoyment and transfer of your real estate assets.

  • Advice and legal representation in the resolution of conflicts with the Communities of Owners or conflicts between neighbors such as challenges to minutes or claims for community fees, or claims motivated by a lack of maintenance of the property.

  • Claims against developers and builders for construction defects in new homes or hidden defects.

  • Debt claim for non-payment or breach of contract.

  • Advice and legal representation in eviction proceedings (verbal trial) with accumulation of unpaid rent claims.

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