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What is a VPO and what requirements are needed to access it?

Officially protected housing (VPO) is a type of housing subsidized by the State that has a price regulated by the Administration. Its objective is to facilitate access to housing for people with fewer economic resources or with special needs. They can be new or used, and have their own limited characteristics. The price of a VPO is calculated based on the basic module, which is the maximum price per useful square meter of housing established by the State each year. This basic module may vary depending on the autonomous community, the municipality, the type of dwelling or the protection regime. In addition, some territorial and category coefficients are applied that weight the basic module according to the location and quality of the dwelling. These coefficients are set by the autonomous communities and can be consulted on their respective housing portals. For example, for a general regime VPO in a municipality of group C (such as Castellbisbal), the territorial coefficient is 1.15 and the category coefficient is 1.7. If the basic module is 760 euros per useful square meter, the maximum sale price would be: 760 x 1.15 x 1.7 = 1,485.80 euros per useful square meter. If the house has 90 useful square meters, the maximum price would be: 1,485.80 x 90 = 133,722 euros. These prices do not include VAT or deed expenses. The requirements to apply for a VPO depend on the autonomous community where the home is located, but there are some general requirements that are common to all of them. These are:

  • Be of legal age or an emancipated minor and not be incapacitated to contract.

  • Be Spanish or resident in Spain.

  • Not having been the owner or beneficiary of another VPO in Spain before. Be registered as a VPO plaintiff in the corresponding autonomous community.

  • Do not exceed the income limit established by the administration, which is usually between 2 and 6 times the IPREM (Multiple Effects Public Income Indicator).

  • Use the home as a habitual and permanent residence and not sell or rent it to third parties.


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