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The 3% of owners in Spain have unoccupied homes.

Currently, 3% of homeowners in Spain have an empty home. The INE (National Institute of Statistics) published the population and housing census after more than 10 years without official data and sets the census study in 2021, putting a figure for empty homes in Spain: 3.8 million properties, with a increase of 400,000 properties in the last decade.

Owners who maintain vacant homes do so primarily because the property cannot be rented or sold at this time due to its condition. In addition, 11% of these owners say they have concerns or fears that discourage them from placing these homes on the market. Their nightmares range from tenants not paying them, mistreating the home or even losing it. That's why they prefer to keep them empty.

60% of individuals over the age of 18 in Spain own or co-own a home. Of all of them, eight out of ten have only one home, 16% have two homes and 4% have three or more.


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