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Prefabricated construction in Barcelona: a sustainable and economical alternative.

The former mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, left several prefabricated housing projects tied up before leaving office. One of them is a development of 45 prefabricated apartments that is currently being built in the city. Each home is made up of two modules that already have the kitchen and bathroom furniture, windows and installations incorporated. Once the assembly is finished, the installation of the supplies and the finishes of the façade and roof will remain. This construction system reduces deadlines by half, with a total duration of one year. In addition, it generates 75% less waste and 40% less emissions, achieving greater safety and a lower accident rate and less dependence on environmental conditions. There are currently seven developments with industrialized methods underway at the Municipal Housing Institute. All of them, except the development on Marroc Street, have wood as their main construction material. In total, 328 homes will be added to the public park. The location of the project has generated controversy among neighbors because it is located in the middle of a lot, between an abandoned factory and a fenced lot. The cost of a prefabricated house in Barcelona can be up to 30% lower than that of a traditionally built house, because it saves on labor and work time.


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