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What are the current trends in the real estate market?

The real estate market in Spain is subject to various trends that may influence its behavior and business opportunities. These are some of the most relevant trends for the year 2023:

  • Interest rates are expected to rise in 2023, but not too much, which may affect housing financing and demand. However, it can also present an opportunity for investors looking for real estate assets as a way to hedge against inflation.

  • Housing prices are expected to adjust in 2023, due to the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic and political uncertainty. Prices could fall in some areas, especially those most affected by tourism and mobility, while they could remain the same or rise in others, where demand is stronger.

  • There is a trend towards renting as opposed to buying, motivated by factors such as job insecurity, difficulty accessing credit, generational change or the search for flexibility. Renting is consolidated as a residential option and also as an investment alternative, with a higher return than other financial products.

  • It is committed to sustainability and social responsibility as key criteria in the real estate sector. The new construction is adapted to environmental and energy requirements, while the existing park undergoes rehabilitation and regeneration processes. Investors look for projects that generate a positive impact on society and the environment.

  • The second-hand housing market is boosted, offering a greater variety, location and price than new construction. Used housing benefits from the reactivation of demand after the pandemic, as well as technological and digital improvements that facilitate transactions and reforms.


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