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The price of rent in Seville: a challenge for students.

Rental prices in Seville have increased significantly in recent years, especially in the historic center and other areas popular with students. According to an article on the Fotocasa professional blog, the average rental price in Seville in October 2023 was €10.50/m², which represents an increase of 7.7% compared to the previous month and 22% compared to the year 2007. This increase is due to several factors, such as the reduction in housing supply due to the economic and health crisis, the increase in demand from tourists and professionals seeking to live near the center or enjoy the tax and social advantages that Seville offers. Students can find different housing options in Seville, from shared rooms to full apartments, in different areas and with different services included. Some popular options among students are the historic center, Triana and Macarena, although there are also other interesting areas such as Nervión, Los Remedios or Bellavista.


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